Glasses and Contact Lens Exams

Dr. Beaver's thorough evaluation of your vision and eye health enables her to obtain the best glasses and contact lens prescription, customized for your life.  Your demands from day to day, even hour to hour can change.  With your busy schedule and specific needs, sometimes it is not clear what type of glasses and contact lenses you may need. Let our team show you just how clear it can be!

Ocular Disease Management

Did you know eyes are the only organ in the body where internal blood vessels can be visualized without a special imaging system? That is why it is important people with conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol get eye exams regularly.

Extensive assessment of your total health allows the highest quality of care for your eyes.  Cutting edge technology in our office gives us diagnostic abilities to treat and manage diseases like: dry eye, conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal diseases, genetic eye conditions and others.


Blythewood Eye Care works closely with your surgeon and you to make sure you are comfortable and well taken care of before, during and after your ocular procedures.  Co-management services for surgery include LASIK, PRK, ICL, refractive lens exchanges, cataract surgery, cosmetic procedures, retinal surgeries and more.  Please call our office to schedule a consultation!


Leading Technology

Blythewood Eye Care pride ourselves in being innovative leaders in eye care.  We recommend every patient have retinal scans, which can detect early diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Certain types of prescriptions or corneal conditions may require a custom contact lens.  Dr. Beaver is experienced with specialty contact lenses fittings and evaluations to insure your vision is the best it can possibly be.  Please call us to schedule a specialty contact lens consultation.